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” Faces of Courage was amazing! There is more healing done this weekend than in any doctor office!! There is something about talking to others that have had caner is mentally healing!  Peggie Sherry you are amazing…Thank you! ” ~ Jaime


“One of the truly powerful aspects of Faces of Courage camp is the opportunity to have these critical discussions with the Docs and Nurses. No one will give you more honest and straight answers than these people.  That’s why its called Straight Talk!  Our history is to accept what the Docs say. We now know that We are, and must be, our own advocates. And not accepting, unquestionably, what we are told.  We must do our own research, and most importantly, SHARE our research with each other.  That maximizes our efforts, and therefore our positive results!  Warrior on! Strength in Numbers! ” ~ Carrie Jane


“Do you feel all alone? Do you feel that no one knows what you are going through?  The Faces of Courage camp IS for you. You will be among all cancer patients of different types. Everyone has a different story but we all belong to the same club. One of determination and courage. And for those of us who are new to the click –you — maybe and often time is the voice that helps us along. Just he best place to live and be loud and let all stress and worries go away for a weekend.” ~ Anonymous


“This has been the best that has happened to me since going through Breast CA. Nothing but friendly, positive people, very uplifting. I would recommend this for every woman going through this cancer or any other cancer.” ~ Melanie G.


“My experience at FOC Camp was absolutely amazing! They made it possible for me to enjoy myself like I was on a vacation, but they PAID for everything to make it happen!  Nice campground, volunteers were all very nice and pleasant to myself and all the cancer survivors. They provided all types of entertainment, food, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, a dance just to name a few. I was overwhelmed with joy since being diagnosed with cancer a year ago. I haven’t been able to afford a vacation due to treatment and time off work, my finances are still in a slump! Thanks to Faces of Courage for providing me with an all expense paid Vacation! I’m in tears as I write this.”   ~Julia Hamilton Triple Negative BC


“I had the most awesome time. Better than I imagined and I was pretty excited to come here.  I traveled from Iowa and it was so worth it!  To me, it has shown that women are so powerful and strong. We are not only survivors but we are winners! We are the Face of Courage! ” ~ Terri Swannee


“This was a wonderful experience everyone was so sweet. The volunteers worked hard to make us feel special. I felt like I was spoiled and pampered.  I felt the physicians were very informative and I received a lot of comfort.  It made it easier to know we’re not alone and everyone’s story was helpful. Peggie and the volunteers were awesome.  Thank you. ”  ~ Deb


“Faces of Courage Camp means to me “No worries, Great times with some of the strongest, amazing women in the world”. It’s a place where you don’t feel different or scared because everyone is in the same shoes all ages, all races become ONE!.”  ~ Samantha


“I would say that it was the most incredible experience of my life! I played and felt like a kid again at 61 years old. I’m revitalized and ready to face the world with strength and courage.  Being able to talk to the other women about our experiences was fantastic! It was fabulous, and I plan to be here next year.  Than you to all the volunteers and sponsors who gave their time and money to give some cheer to us survivors!” ~ Joyce Basile


“Sometimes when I am home I feel alone and lonely. I come to camp and I don’t feel so lonely..and when I go back home the memories keep me company!!! Thank you to all .” ~ Sabrina Puhr


“Having a chance to attend FOC camp was fun and filled with so many activities. I could not keep up. There was nothing I didn’t want to try. The people were friendly and made you feel at home.  I especially loved the water Zumba class. I have heard so many women just quit working, stay at home and get depressed. I don’t know whats in the water here, but every every state needs a shot.  The people here partied and laughed and praised God for what we had been through. The support, love and understanding made you feel that you belonged to a much bigger family. FOC is rocking in Tampa! It is something I will never forget. I am glad I was able to attend and wish the groups coming after this much success and continued support”. Love Bernadette Mitchell


“I thought cancer had taken everything away, my husband with incurable cancer and me with breast cancer. Then I found Peggie and the camp where they gave instead of took.  The doctors, volunteers and all the wonderful ladies I met made me feel so special.” ~ Anonymous


“I found listening to their stories of their cancer experience invited me to further accepting my own cancer experience.” ~ Anonymous


“I had a lot of fun with all my sisters of cancer 2014-Sept 5-7. It was the best of my life!” ~ Anonymous


“The people here treat you like you are a queen for a day.” ~Anonymous


“FOC camp has opened my eyes as to other people. You can’t judge someone by how they look on the outside, you don’t know what they are going through on the inside.  So many new friends, activities.  It was amazing !!!” ~ Anonymous


“This is my third year and hopefully not my last. I always find kindness, support and friendship. Camp is the best drug I’ve ever been given.” ~ Anonymous


“My first year at FOC camp, I was sad, angry, yet somehow glad that I was not alone as I looked around and observed a camp full of cancer survivors. Peggie and her mission is divine. I have to say that my healing moment happened during the drum circle.  I realized/ and still do that it is important to stay in the moment.  There remains a dissonance the beautiful heart beat of life.” Carol Connelly

“I felt reawakened to my true self. This was a gift I will always treasure!” ~ Anonymous


” A spiritually, mentally and physically healing experience.” ~ Anonymous


“FOC Camp was an amazing experience; a break from my lonely life at home. A place where every woman could relate to me and some were going through the same experience (i.e. chemotherapy) at the same time as me.  Although I did not get away from the word “cancer”, this became “our” cancer stories, not just mine.  For that I am grateful. I am thankful for all the volunteers who were special enough to take the weekend to enhance our experience.  Everyone was kind and seeing their happy faces brightened mine.  The food was wonderful and there were so many activities to participate in that I want to return next year. God willing.  So I can do the things I didn’t get to do this year (i.e. Kayaking).  God bless everyone survivor/volunteer who made this weekend unforgettable!” ~ Anonymous


“It is a time to share my personal thoughts and feelings about finding out that after 20 years being clean, I had breast cancer again! Camp was a place to release thoughts, feelings, laughter and know that others care.  I’ll be back at camp again. Thank you!” ~ Anonymous


“A wonderful place to connect with others going through the same thing…to relax…make new friends.  Thank you to each who made this possible! Just not enough time to do everything that I wanted to do.  Someone suggested spreading out the activities more, but I know you and the instructors-sponsors have limited time.” ~ Anonymous


“My life is forever changed with positive energy I receive from all the ladies, each one of us no matter our race, religion, or age we are ONE support system.” ~ Darcy Rizzo


“It was wonderful to meet so many other women who have/had breast cancer and hear their stories. It was very helpful. It also was so much fun to be a camper again as an adult. And all at no cost I heard of today. I want to say thank you and encourage any woman with any type of cancer to join next year!” ~ Sue Charlie


“Faces of Courage gives me back a meaning of self.  I am a “cancer survivor”, but I am also a new person because of my journey and my participation in this program.” ~ Marie


“Truly fabulous time of sharing and hearing others ventures. I am encouraged and ready for my journey. It has beena  journey of connection with such beautiful ladies inside and outside.” ~ Anonymous


“I love FOC camp. This was my first time attending camp and I will definitely be back. Camp was the “no judge zone”. All of the women are dealing with cancer or has survived it.  We all share the same ups and downs within our day to day lives. Which is awesome because sometimes you think that you’re alone. FOC showed overwhelming support towards all the women. Camp allowed me to leave my cancer troubles at home and have some fun for the weekend. Thank you! ” ~ Anonymous


“I was a guest at Faces of Courage Sept. 5-7, 2014. It was a most magnificent camp experience! The food was ample and delicious and I made lots of new friends! I have offered to return to camp next year to present a workshop on Reflexology. Since I have neuropathy of my feet, I do reflexology on my own feet almost every night. I was diagnosed with DCIS on Friday, March 14, my mastectomy May 8th, and had implants put in on September 8, 2014. I consider my breast cancer diagnosis as the most exciting adventure of my lifetime! I am most fortunate Not to have had one moment of fear or anxiety. I had my hairdresser put purple highlights in my hair, to celebrate the fact I do Not need either chemotherapy or radiation. I am comforted by the knowledge, “All is in Divine Order.” ~ Normie

“This was my first time coming to camp. I did not know what to expect, came with an open mind.  I have really enjoyed myself. Everyone is great. Thanks for the experience and thanks for having a time and place we can come to exchange feelings, thoughts and just find new people to have in our lives! “


“This camp reminded me of the beauty in this world. I met so many amazing women, both survivors and volunteers who made sure to support and nuture all the women attending. Thank you for a wonderful experience.”


“I LOVE this camp because you meet lots of wonderful people who let their hair down and really enjoy all the fun activities that are planned and directed by the most amazing camp volunteers.”


“I Hortense Harris, first time here, Love it. I enjoyed every minute second of everything I wish it was for 15 days, the ones who work come from Friday thru Sunday the ones who don’t work come Wednesday through Sunday. I love this camp and I love everyone and everything about it. Food was great too.”


“I LOVE that you can come to camp alone and leave with friends you can relate to forever with no questions asked!”


“ Camp, Faces of Courage, Oh My God, what an awesome place. It’s like kids in a candy story if you ever want to meet nice people to to the Faces of Courage Camp. All the staff are volunteers the food is good, not to mention Peggie Sherry.  She is all of us mother of saints if your toe hurt, she feel the pain, but don’t take my word for it, if you have cancer come to camp and see for yourself. May God bless all of you and Peggie for all her assistants. I love you all. Thank you.”


“It is nice to know people care because this disease can be so lonely. Thank you for the hard work and to the sponsors. Great food, hairdressers were great, a nice surprise!”


“I will never forget this weekend. I’ve learned so much about myself and met so many amazing women. Some connections I was expecting but others were so surprising and wonderful.  The….oh Shoot! Chemo brain…I don’t remember what I was going to say!” Sandy Callin


“The Faces of Courage Women’s Camp brings new light on being a cancer survivor. There are so many different journey’s that we’ve all taken. Even though we’ve been diagnosed with the same disease.” Thomesha J.


“Camp is a place to meet people who understand what you’ve been through.”


“I have felt like I was alive, but a part of me had died…Faces of Courage awakened the dead part of me. Thanks Peggie and staff.” Miss Tina


“They pamper you so much at this camp and go out of their way to make you feel special. Thank you so much!” Linda C.


“Faces of Courage camp is the first place I’ve been that made me feel safe, happy, normal and accepted. I felt pampered, I had fun.  I forgot the pain and loneliness. These are caring people and they are at Faces of Courage!”


“This has been a wonderful life experience meeting women from all walks of life.  We came together as one. This has been my first time at Faces of Courage and my life has forever been changed. Thank you for a life of friendships and love!”


“A place to enjoy the company of wonderful people just like you.  It’s fun and relaxing and one of the best experiences I have ever had.” Barbara King


“Camp is a wonderful learning experience –relaxing and fun. The volunteers are warm and caring—thanks for your vision. Blessings.” Sandy N.


“I just want to say I had a great time and I will be back. I met so many nice ladies and made new friends. Thank you for a great time!” Josephine


“This was a great opportunity to connect with other women also fighting cancer. The pampering sessions were a special blessing. Thank you!” Paula


“The incredible camaraderie and sharing was so special—memories I’ll treasure forever! Ha Ha I’ll come back to laugh next year!” Deb


“This was my first camp and will not be my last. The talking and bonding with other women was life changing. I say thank you to everyone who made this happen, especially Peggie, you will always be in my heart. What was Faces of Courage for me? PRICELESS!” Rochelle Cassidy


“Strength—I found that by volunteering I found my strength in laughter to help others” Maddie


“What I found to be most outstanding was the instant camaraderie and solidarity along with the compassion and generosity of the individual volunteers.”


“It was good to see old friends and meet new campers. I feel grateful to be far away from my breast cancer surgeries, but am facing new challenges in health and dealing with the loss of my daughter. Thanks so much for everything. Food was awesome, enjoyed the tie dye, hypnosis, costume contests and fellowship.”


“I found a reassuring echo of my experience—women that thrive in the center of a volcano.”


“When I got home from camp, my first year, my friends thought I met someone new and was in love. I had met someone new the new me!” Veronica H.

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