This the the official #WhipCancerNow Challenge site!  Let's see you Whip Cancer Now by doing our Faces of Courage Signature Fun!  Let's show you how it's done at our yearly camps!  

Our Key Rules to Follow :   

1.  Have Fun Doing it!

2. State in Honor of or in Memory of (your friend or family member with Cancer)

3. Load up your mouth with Whip Cream as much as you can to swallow safely! With a cherry on top!   

4. Goal is to see how high you can go with your Whip Cream Tower in your mouth.  Then slowly eat it.  

5. You can have a friend help you, it's so much fun!    Do we see whip cream faces appear?  It can get messy but that's the FUN part about it!

6. Donate to Faces of Courage for our Cancer Camp programs and events we host for Free to anyone diagnosed or survivor of Cancer!   We appreciate you joining in on our fun! 

At Faces of Courage we prefer to Dance All the Way !

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