We thank our community leaders for creating fundraisers to support

the Faces of Courage camp programs, without your help cancer patients and survivors would have no place to retreat for a weekend of fun, relaxation and rejuvenation!

 YOU CAN HELP US by hosting a fundraiser or SUPPORT US with one of our ongoing fundraisers listed below!

If you would like to host a fundraiser to benefit Faces of Courage Camp Programs please click our download button for our Fundraiser Event form below or reach out to us by our contact page!


Pictured below are some of our supporters check presentations. The gift of giving is what keeps us going! Thank you from all of us and our campers!

You can support!

Give your designer purse a new enrich the lives of cancer patients!

Donate your Designer handbag/purse/crossover/clutch with an original retail price of at least $250 or greater.   Donors will receive a tax receipt and be listed on our website donor list.

This fundraiser begins April 1st 2018 and has no end to support a foundation that helps all cancer patients in their communities.

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Drop off location Addresses and Map !

If you would like to be a Drop Off Location please email us here.

Mailing Address:

10006 Cross Creek Blvd. #519, Tampa, FL 33647

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