We thank our Bodies of Courage gallery sponsors for their contribution to sponsor a survivor portrait.

"Dive Forward" by Alex and Clay Carroll

"Gogh" by Cheryl Chaitman Kaminski

"Warrior Woman" by Howard Kahen, M.D.

"Hope and Light" by Faces of Courage Family

"Nouveau Woman" by Preston Pigglesworth, III

"Triumph" by Mr. and Mrs. Paul Orsulak

"Hidden Power" by Alicia Silva

"White Moon" by A Man's Pink

"Open Heart" by Herb Sugdem, Jr.

"Strong Horizon" by Anthony Duany

"Tish Flower" by Ghee's Loving Grandchildren

"Fetally Free" by West Tampa Center for the Arts

"Victory Martini" by West Tampa Center for the Arts

"Family Survivors" by Rick Gallegos

"Butterfly Stars" by Darcelle and LM

"14 X's the Pain" by Alicia Silva

"Black Wave" by Gayle and Richard Antaya

"Peak a Believe" by Dorothy M. Rinaldi

"Raising the Sun" by Jessica Rosario and Mikki

"Riple Ocean Survivor" by Elizabeth Hopkins

"86 and Kickin" by Jessica Rosario and Tianna

"Positive Exposure" by Dorothy V. Rinaldi

"Dragonfly Rising" by Odiorne Insurance Agency,Inc.

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